POM Advertising Specs

Digital Ad Specs: Guidelines and Requirements

Due Dates: Submit all creatives FIVE (5) days prior to campaign launch. POM can not guarantee that creative received after the due date will go live on time.

Improve Click Rates:

  • For best CTR%, submit THREE (3) individual creatives at one time. Our system will optimize to present the strongest performing artwork, message, opportunity for the best conversion rate for you!
  • Performance is always a blend of positioning, artwork, call to action, campaign elements, etc. This article has a lot of great examples and ideas –
  • To host your own email acquisition contest to pair up with your campiagn. I like the super-easy to use KingSumo platform. Use the free version here, or purchase a lifetime license for $49 here.

Third Party Creatives:

  • All HTML5 or rich media must be served by a third party.
  • All third-party tags (creative serving AND tracking-only) and accompanying technologies being served by tags must be SSL Compliant (HTTPS). POM cannot offer makegoods for non-compliant tags.
  • Campaigns served via a third party must grant ​reporting access within the first week to prevent reporting discrepancies. Failure to do so may result in billing off primary reporting numbers.


Standard Banners

Run of Site, Homepage Takeover, Hub Sponsorships // All ads with a white background require a 1px black border.

Email Newsletter Sponsorships

Join our free email newsletter list(s) for a summary of our most popular content.

Custom Sponsored Email Blast

To create your custom email send, we’ll need the following:

  • 600×600 image file
  • Click-thru URL
  • Body copy (500 characters)
  • Subject line (150 characters)
  • Preview line (150 characters) (this will be text shown in email before a user opens it)
  • Exclusive offers or discounts are strongly encouraged
  • To host your own email acquisition contest. I like the super-easy to use KingSumo platform. Use free version here, or purchase a lifetime license for $49 here.
  • Example:

Podcast Sponsorships

  • Do you plan to send one set of talking points/scripts to use for the entire campaign OR multiple sets of talking points/scripts for each separate episode? For consistency and ad recall, we recommend using just ONE set of talking points/scripts for each podcast for the entirety of the campaign (i.e. the same :60 and :30 spots would be used for the entire campaign)
  • POM has the right to adjust the scripts to be in our voice/tone
  • Podcast sponsorships are paid advertising spots and not product endorsements
  • Talking Points or Scripts
    • Several points that might resonate best with the respective audience listening to the podcast (cycling, run, triathlete)
    • For the scripts, we request 150 words max for the :60 and 75 words max for the :30
  • Check out these articles with great suggestions:

Pre-Roll Video

Can be site-served and can accept VAST (4.1) Tags for 3rd party serving. We do not accept VPAID tags.

Hub Sponsorships

Hub sponsorships will require the following assets:

  • Email Newsletter Sponsorship Materials (see above)
  • Standard Banners (see above)
  • 88×31 Brand Logo

Print Ads