We’re a business automation company that helps outdoorsy and eco-friendly brands improve their systems to get more done, follow up with more leads, support their reps and retailers and close more sales. Success is seeing brands automate so they can spend more time riding, running, paddling, skiing, camping – enjoying their life too.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you love your job, but struggle to keep up with new technology? We know how that feels. And we can assure you..

  • If you want to start a business or grow your existing business…
  • If you are an outdoor industry or eco-friendly brand…
  • And especially if you long to balance your desire for income with a healthy active lifestyle…

… then you’ve arrive at the right place, this is the site for you.

We we help brands get started, run and grow their businesses. If this sounds like you, this means you can have more success and balance in your business and personal life.

Our Story
Over the years, we’ve had experience in many areas of the bicycling industry. This allows us to understand and create solutions that will appeal to as many people as possible. In the past we have experience in the following areas:

  • Local Bicycle & Triathlon Shops
  • Working for product manufactures
  • Setup and managed US and foreign distributor networks
  • Racing (almost every discipline available)
  • Trail building
  • Working with local cycling advocacy non-profits

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We are eager to help you succeed!

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Ellen Butler
Role: Owner & President
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Certification: Infusionsoft Certified Partner & Application Sales Rep
Specialties: Marketing automation, lead generation, sales pipeline setup, email marketing strategy, online event registration systems, web based classes and webinars. We love the following tools: RecurPost, ReviewJumpDropbox, MailChimp, Jotform, Google Documents, Yet Another Mail Merge and more!
Favorite Blog: travelfashiongirl
Hobbies: traveling, riding bikes, going on social runs & hikes, vegetable juicing, making sprouted seed granola, traveling and packing light
Contact Ellen HERE

Eric Butler website

Eric Butler
Role: Vice President & Webmaster
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Specialties: – Business development and operations, lead generation, sales
Hobbies: mountain biking, disc golfing, drinking vegetable juice
Contact Eric HERE