UA-38688644-1 – Events, Demo Days and Product Directory Website is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for brands, retailers, event owners, and venue owners. Customers create a business page and post their event and demo day schedule, newsletter, press releases, coupons, photos, and videos.

Right now users can search for all types of major events, product info, event info, product coupons, and demo day schedules for products like bicycles, ebikes, outdoor gear, snowsports, SUP, golf, tennis, electronics, high-end kitchen gadgets, and even Costco Road Show products.

The goal is to help you secure more Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs) through rich media content you publish that is more powerful than any social platform. Your business page and all the content you publish feature built-in customer lead capturing forms so users can easily contact you about specific products, helping your sales team sell more!

The content you publish on your business page is more powerful than social media because we allow you to set custom SEO data for everything you post. This tells search engines to produce your business page content at the top of user search results and has helped bring in over 85% organic traffic from users who searched generically for your brand or product type.

Our website is free for any company to join. You first claim or create your business page, select a main product/service category, publish some about info for your company and then post your event, demo day, or local retailer schedule, your monthly newsletter or press releases, and more.

When a user fills out your customer lead form, you’ll get an email alert to your inbox showing their info so your sales team can contact them right away. We will also share your content on social media to help drive users back to your business page and hopefully contact you about your next demo day or where they can buy your product.

Get started today by searching for your business page through our Claim system…similar to Yelp, there are many brand business pages we’ve already created that you can claim with your company email address and update the page immediately. For business pages not already in the Claim system, you simply create a new free business page.

We also offer paid business pages on a yearly basis. Paid business pages allow you access to all the website features we offer and free website ad space. You can also buy run of site ad space, contests and giveaways, and paid social media posts.

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Leverage your event investments and help your reps, retailers, and dealers reach more people with a Business Page.

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