How To Maximize Your Editorial Coverage

How To Maximize Your Editorial Coverage

10 Easy Steps to Amplify Your Reach

Have some new editorial coverage from your favorite editors or publication? Be sure to maximize your exposure with each mention. These 10 easy steps will help you reach an even wider audience.

1. Double Check
Review the content and make sure everything looks good. If not, share corrections with the editor. It's always nice to acknowledge and thank editorial folks too. They'll appreciate your compliments!

2. Add Content To Your Website
Create a “Press” or “Media Coverage” section on your website. Showcase your mentions by adding PDFs and links to coverage.
We like to include the following:
    -Media Outlet

    -For Example 6 November 2017, Review: Trek Fuel EX 7 29 by Scott Williams, Dirt Rag Magazine
    -Make sure links open in a new tab so readers can continue to browse your site and online store

3. Update Your Product Page
Have a glowing review? Add the review link to the product description in your online store. The editorial may help encourage your prospects to buy. We love when brands include their awards and respective award logos too. IE: 2018 Interbike Innovation Award Winning Product

4. Promos & Offers
Leverage your coverage. Share a special promo discount code or offer with your fans correspond with the coverage. IE: Free shipping of the product mentioned with promo code "DirtRag." For the most impact, figure out your plan before sharing on social media or email newsletters.

5. Share On Social Media
Duh? So easy…. Use the share icons included on the page. Most are at the top or bottom of the article. Or, copy and paste the link into your social media accounts. Be sure to post to all applicable accounts - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc

Take the extra time to customize your posts. Add a quote, share your personal perspective or favorite part of the coverage. Tag brands or people mentioned so they can help reshare the content too.

When creating your Instagram post, be sure to tell people where to go to read the full story. Consider adding a link in your bio or "swipe up" to read more link in your Instagram stories. We love to help with sharing links too!

6. Pin Post To Top Of Timelines
Stick your news to the top of your Facebook and Twitter timelines by "Pinning" the content. Instructions here. 
Instructions here.

7. Boost/Promote The Post
A small budget (even $30) will help expose the content to a wider audience on 
Facebook and/or Instagram.

8. Ask For Help
See if your friends, employees, sales reps, ambassadors and super fans will help share the news.

9. Email
Distribute the coverage among employees, sales reps, distributors and partners. Share in your email newsletter. Awesome editorial may boost staff morale and can help reps and retailers make more sales!

10. Reuse Content
Your editorial coverage may be a good basis for a video, podcast, sales or trade show materials. Load the content into your social media scheduling system to share over and over again in the future.

Final Note
Please check with each media outlet and honor their policies around sharing content. Most media outlets have no problem with you sharing links to their website. Never use content, images or video for print projects, advertising or trade shows without prior approval.

What am I missing? Anything else working for you? Please
let me know!

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