Do you have the same account name on each platform?

Do you have the same account name on each platform?
Are you using the same names or “handles” for each of your social media accounts? If not, I’d suggest you update immediately. Naming your accounts in a uniform way makes it easier for people find, mention and tag your accounts. IE: ellenkbutler, demodayscom
When I was working on a project for DBC Events, each of their accounts used a variation of their business name. This is not ideal.
    • Twitter: dbcevents
    • Instagram: dbc_events
    • Facebook: dbceventsco
  • Better naming scenario would be DBCevents303 or DBCeventsCO on all accounts
Each week, I would ask sponsors to share social media updates. I’d create posts that were easy to copy and paste. 
    • Facebook: Enter the Spring Cycling Giveaway with prizes from DBC Events, CU Sports Medicine & Performance Center & Boulder Wine Merchant ?  ? ?
  • Twitter: Enter the Spring Cycling Giveaway w prizes from @DBCEvents @bldrwinemrchant & @CUSMPC ?  ? ?
  • Instagram: Enter the Spring Cycling Giveaway w prizes from @DBC_Events @boulderwinemerchant & #cusportsmedicine ?  ? ?  To enter, go to @DBC_Events website, news page
Someone would share the Instagram post and auto-share to Twitter and Facebook. The account “tag” mentions would be correct on Instagram but wrong on Twitter and Facebook. This is not the end of the world… but let’s make things easy for everyone by updating your account names so they are uniform. This will give you the best exposure as your business grows.
    • Keep the new name variation as short as possible
  • You will be able to change account profile names on most platforms and keep all historical data
  • For this example, dbcevents303 or DBCeventsCO are available on most platforms

Green boxes mean that your proposed name variation is available

  • Need to change another account name? Just Google “How to change my account name on _____” 

New social media platforms or systems you don’t use?!

Be sure to reserve your preferred account name on any systems you DO NOT USE and new systems as they come out. You don’t need to use every social media platform. Reserving your name gives you the option in the future. Include a message encouraging people to follow your latest updates on the system(s) you use regularly. IE: Find our latest update over on our Facebook Page!

Don’t lose traffic and possible followers due to inconsistent account names. Take the time to make these updates now!

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