Stop Wasting Time and Simplify Your Appointment Scheduling

Stop Wasting Time and Simplify Your Appointment Scheduling

Hate all of the email back and forth trying to schedule trade show appointments? Yeah. No fun.

As a technology super-fan, organizational geek and marketing automation specialist I needed to find a solid solution to help my contacts choose convenient times to meet. I tried out a few services and was THRILLED when my ad sales manager came across this winner! I wanted to share the quick setup process with you. integrates with your Google or iCloud Calendar and gives you a personalized scheduling page to share with your contacts.

This free service offers the following: 

  • Allows me to set specific meeting dates and 30 minute appointment slots
  • Provides booker ability to select a convenient time slot from available options on my calendar
  • Option to and isolate timezone to Pacific/Las Vegas (for Interbike trade show appointments)
  • Confirmation emails to both ME and the “booker” to confirm appointment details
  • Booker may cancel or reschedule their own appointments via links in their confirmation email
  • All details automatically flow into my calendar
  • Mobile friendly
  • Outstanding customer service via email
  • Use of the Google calendar allows my manager and editors to review my appointments so we don’t double book any accounts
  • Upgraded (paid) options to send out reminders, post meeting follow ups and more

Let’s do it, step by step instructions for you:

Go to: and signup with a Gmail address, Gmail hosted email address, Facebook account, etc.

Review these settings notes for each tab:

Basic: All fields are pretty straightforward. I created the header image with company logos (see below) in Power Point, then uploaded the screen shot to

Times: Enter in your meeting time availability and duration. I kept it simple and set all appointments to 30 minutes running all day long. I also blocked out a 30 minute lunch break into my Google calendar so it would not show up as a booking option.

Advanced: I created a special “Interbike Appointment” Google calendar, then set the timezone to Pacific (for Interbike in Las Vegas) all in the Google calendar settings. Then I checked the “show time zone” above the grid box. Choose “fixed” start and end dates.

3 - - Advanced

Booking Form: The free account allows 5 custom fields. I choose: Company Name, Booker Name, Email Address, Mobile Phone Number and Booth Number.

Afterwards: Plug in some text, whatever you’d like to say. I continued to emphasize the Pacific/Las Vegas Time zone to minimize confusion. On the “Email to user” I used the subject line: Your Interbike Appointment with Ellen Butler at Rotating Mass Media. Pick something descriptive that will be clear to the recipient. Add your email signature including LinkedIn account link and the mobile number where you can be reached at the show.

Appearance: Choose your background colors and fonts. Preview on your phone to make sure it looks good on mobile devices. Scheule Page

This is how my final schedule booking page appears. Easy for contacts to quickly pick a convenient meeting time.

NOTE: I skipped any of the setup on the tabs tied to the paid account features: Services, Teams, Vouchers, Tentative, Payments, Reminders, Follow up

Before you begin requesting appointments:

  • Test with a few friends (or willing family members) to make sure everything works as planned.
  • Go to Dashboard (Bookings) and check to see how your appointments appear.
  • Delete any test appointments.
  • Add daily lunch breaks! 🙂
  • I added the appointments that I had already coordinated before getting this system setup. I simply used the “signup form” and entered my contact’s info. This way they automatically got the confirmation email w links to change or cancel the appointment if necessary.
  • When confident in setup, use and operation, share the link with your contacts via email, text, social media, etc


  1. Canceling an appointment in will not remove it from your calendar. You must select “Delete Booking.” I made this mistake but was able to resolve by deleting the calendar appointment on my Google calendar. It immediately released the time slot and made it visible on my booking matrix.
  2. Double check your Google calendar to make sure you don’t have any duplicates. I had to manually adjust an appointment to delete the first attempt that a contact no longer wanted to keep. I suspect she used the original link and re-booked a new appointment. Not a big deal if you keep an eye on things!

I may upgrade the service to send the auto-reminder a few days before our scheduled appointment AND to send a quick follow up after the show thanking people for their time. You are able to export your appointment spreadsheet with the paid version. It sounds like those options may be well worth the $10/month to use for your trade show season then roll back to the free program after the show(s).

BEFORE the show: Print some extra paper copies of your schedule for your staff, manager, assistant or in case your phone battery dies!

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